Those who know Robin Bryant-Yeartie understand that her word is bond when she says she will do something. So years ago when God set her path up to start a travel agency business, acquaintances took note and began blocking out potential travel time on their calendars…

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Robin Bryant-Yeartie developed a passion for traveling at a young age. Taking family trips and traveling with friends fueled her curiosity for wanting to see how people live in other places. "It was very intriguing to me to see life outside of D.C.," she says. "I learned very early that where I'm from is just a small little pebble compared to the rest of the world."

That childhood curiosity for new and different experiences blossomed into a full-fledged passion for travel.  Robin worked for Delta Airlines and took advantage of free flights to anywhere in the World.  She also used that experience to learn the city airport codes and other information that would later be of great benefit. After Delta Airlines, she worked at various travel agencies in the Atlanta area where she acquired more knowledge about the business and the travel industry. In 1998, Robin stepped out on faith to start her own agency.

Today Robin Bryant-Yeartie is founder and owner of Nibor World Travel, an agency that plans first-rate excursions to some of the world's most sought-after vacation spots. And if sending travelers off to their dream destinations isn't enough, Robin goes the extra mile to ensure that her clients only experience the very best in accommodations while on their trip. How? By visiting most if not all of the locales beforehand to guarantee that clients will only encounter premier lodging, restaurants, flights and shopping.

Through her personal experience as a passionate traveler coupled with her professional experience as a travel agent for over 20 years, Robin has perfected the art of planning trips around the world that make lifetime memories for groups and individuals. She is a graduate of Morgan State University, and she holds certification with the Iatan. She is also a Sandals Resort Certified Specialist, an AM Resorts Master Agent, a RIU Specialist, a Las Vegas Certified Agent, a Palace Pro Agent, a Fiji Island Specialist and a Hawaii Destination Specialist. For more information, contact Nibor World Travel (

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